We are Katherine & Conan Fugit. In 2009 we got married in our backyard in Wichita, Kansas and in 2012, we pulled a camper into that same yard and started a business. That's Lamphouse in a nutshell! 

how does the birdie photo booth work?

The Birdie Booth is a simple, classic vintage-style photo booth that's as easy to use as it is fun! Guests simply step up to the booth, pick out their props, and push the red button. A short countdown before the first photo gives guests time to get their pose perfected then the prints are picked up a few seconds later on the back side of the booth. 

is the birdie booth open air?

Yes, the Birdie Booth is open air. No drapes, no enclosures, just life of the party fun. 

Can I share photos from your digital photo booths?

As a matter of fact, you can! So long as there is an open wi-fi connection, photos can be emailed directly to your guests from the touchscreen. No WiFi? No problem! Emails will be queued and sent as soon as the computer can establish a connection later in the day.   


The Little "Lampy" Camper needs about 16 feet in length by 7 feet in height by 6 feet in width. We can park it where ever you like, but keep in mind that the closer we are to the action, the better and we're happy to bring it inside of venues if there's room! 

The Birdie Booth is our most compact offering, and takes up as little as 10 feet x 10 feet (backdrop included)! It will go wherever the action is!

how is your prop selection?

We have over 50 props that we bring in and out of rotation so we never get the same photos twice. Giant scissors? Check. Light up arrows? Check! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The majority of our props are handmade in our wood shop to be durable, one-of-a-kind and fun!


We have a plethora of unique, and handmade backdrops that are a perfect fit for our booths. We want to take the BEST picture possible and that requires very specific sizes and styles of backdrops so we recommend that you use one of ours. They are pretty cool, after all! 

How large of an event can you handle?

The sky's the limit for the Little "Lampy" Camper and the Birdie Booth! Weddings, birthdays, corporate events? Both of our digital booths can handle any volume of people. On average, the booths can take about 300 pics in 3 hours. 

is my event a good fit for a photo booth?

No two events are the same but in our experience, what makes a good fit for a photo booth is a large crowd (>100) who are dressed to impress and eager to take pictures (a drink or two doesn't hurt either). What doesn't make a good fit? Come-and-go events, small events, events where guests are eager to get to their seats and stay there (concerts, sporting events, etc.).

what kind of layouts do you offer? 

Both of our photo booths can create traditional 2x6" strips or 4x6" prints. Each print will have no more than 4 photos. We design a custom layout using your event's themes, colors, hashtags free of charge.