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More like Demo Day(S) but whatever! Yay!

The weather finally dipped to a reasonable temperature and we were able to get started on camper demolition and exterior work! 

The first step was removing all of the cabinets, fixtures and old paneling. Here's a look at the before facing what would be the dining area: 


After the cabinets, came removal of all paneling: 


And finally, getting rid of all of the yucky old insulation until we're left with a clean(ish) metal slate: 


The same process on the other end (facing what would have been the bedroom area): 

bedroom before.png
bedroom during.png
bedroom after.png

So, it appears that we're missing something in that last photo. Something like, idk THE FLOOR! Turns out, the wheel well on the right side and most of the back rear wood was completely rotten so the floor had to be removed so it could be re-built. More on that at a later date but suffice to say, the "Little" Lampy will have a nice, new sturdy floor underfoot for all of her future guests! 

Speaking of floors, how cute is the flooring that was in here originally? S'cute! It's in terrible shape but it might be changing my mind a little on my original flooring ideas ; ) 


We also began work on the exterior of the camper. You can't tell from photos but there are at least 3 different paint jobs going on here, the last of which was applied with a brush : / so we're removing MOST of the old paint with stripper so that the new primer/paint has a smooth surface to adhere to! 

exterior before.png
exterior during.png

You can see the original colors of the camper on the left side. The bottom third or so was a blue green color and the top was cream. Pretty cute!

Here's a closer look:

exterior close up 02.jpg

And speaking of how the camper used to look, we found this incredible old photo of our exact camper: 


We discovered that it's an Aljo travel trailer, likely manufactured in 1956 or 1957. Neat! 

Hope you enjoyed a little look at what vintage camper demolition looks like! We're getting right back to work and we'll have more photos (with some new wood going into place) soon!