After about 5 months of working day and night, we're so pleased to finally reveal the Little "Lampy" Camper in all of its adorable glory! 


Join us for a little look back at the progress we made! 

This was the camper the day we brought it home in July:


If you'll recall, it was a little worse for wear.


What little paint that was on it was falling off, two of the windows (front and back) were completely broken


Big dents, a broken hitch, flat tires, and that didn't even start to cover the INSIDE of the camper! 

So, we started work demolishing the interior and began working on scraping the old paint off of the camper. 


We also removed all of the rotten wood inside the camper which meant removing the skin on almost all sides to repair, replace, and re-frame with new wood. More on that later but here's a harrowing photo to prove it: 


Once all of the old paint was removed and the skin of the camper was firmly back in place with new j-rail and fresh butyl tape, it was time to prime the camper: 


Now if you have been following us since the beginning of this journey, you may recall that I had a very "pink" vision for the Little "Lampy" Camper but after some thought about the variety of events that this would be used for and the overall look of our other booths, we decided to go with something a little more understated: 


The body is painted a very light blue-green color and off white. It really looks sharp with the orange marker lights...


And my favorite thing is that depending on the time of day, it changes just a little bit and can be more blue or more green!


Another really awesome project we were able to have done was the hand-lettered name on the back of the camper. It was done by a local sign painter, Canary Signs and it really is the cherry on top of the whole thing. 


So there you have it! 5 months almost to the day and Wichita's newest vintage camper photo booth is ready to roll out! It's already been a big hit at one event and I can't wait to see how many smiles it brings over the course of this year! 


We've already got several weddings booked and we're having so much fun brainstorming fun ideas and and events to take it to! If you're interested in booking the Little "Lampy" Camper or using it for a photo shoot or just about anything, Get in touch with us here


Up next, we'll do an interior tour and show some behind-the-scenes photos of the process of gutting and remodeling the inside of the camper! 

Here's a peek at the finished product: 


So excited for all of Wichita to get to see this little lady soon!