Camper Inspiration

While we wait for the mercury to drop below 100, I thought it would be fun to share some of the images that are going to inspire our re-build of the little "Lampy" camper! 

That gif up there is a clue! Conan created the vector art for our 8th wedding anniversary and it was just too cute not to play with! Anyway onto the fun stuff: 

The wonderful photo above is almost *exactly* the color scheme I am interested in and not too far off from some of our current branding colors:

Still, I want to go a little more muted, a little more accessible for something with this much surface area and that will take a prominent place on our 2018 branding guides. 

Here's the images, textures and colors that are going to inspire little "Lampy":

Basically we have a dogwood pink (or millenial pink for you cool kids), palm leaf green, peach/brown and white. 

For the exterior, I would like to a very, very subtle shade of the Dogwood pink. I even shopped up a little sample: 

I want the outside to look good in the background of any picture and be very versatile depending on the event. 

Part of the fun of a camper photo booth is getting inside and having a little private house for a couple of minutes. The Lampy camper definitely gets a lot of oohs and ahhhs when people climb inside and I want the same effect here. I don't want to rely too heavily on the pink color (even though I think pink is TIMELESS ; ) since I realize that it's a trendy color. I'd like to incorporate different colors and textures of green to pop against all cream walls.

We used peel and stick flooring in the first Lampy and it has held up remarkably well so I plan to use the same stuff here in a lighter color. 

What do you guys think? 

I'm really excited to get started and see these ideas evolve and change as we get to know the camper. It sounds silly but that's really what happened with Lampy No. 1. I originally wanted to paint the exterior BLACK! 

Overall though, I think this is pretty lined up with what I want style-wise. Cozy, bright, plush, and something that would definitely catch your eye driving down the street : ) 

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for demolition progress and more fun stuff!